"It's not often that you see music theatre that is self- effacing, spooky, private and reflective... Seven Velvet Suits is all those things"
Tim Yealland, Head of Education, English Touring Opera

"A haunting little gem,"- Bill Bankes- Jones, Artistic Director, Tete a Tete

"Intense....Seven Velvet Suits successfully offers us a memorably intense chance to ponder life..and death"- Charlotte Valori, Operissima

Seven Velvet Suits

February 2016

BasicSpace Festival

Paris:  July 1925.  Maverick composer, Erik Satie is dead.  A group of friends make their way to his apartment which none of them have been allowed to enter for 27 years.

Performed by an actor and a baritone, workshOPERA bring Satie’s world to life through a new, audience immersive song-cycle.

Through the composer’s numerous writings, musings and unsent love letters, the audience, along with Satie's brother Conrad, will discover the eccentricities of this extraordinary figure: his identical velvet suits he bought to avoid the hassle of what to wear, his commitment to only eating white foods and, most painfully, his one, tortured love affair with a beautiful young artist...

In his 150th anniversary year, Seven Velvet Suits allows us into the private, eccentric playspace of one of the 20th Century’s most revolutionary artists and allows a brother to rediscover the sibling he never fully understood.

Original Music:  James Garner

Play Text:  Anna Pool & Andre Flynn

Director:  Anna Pool


Photography:  Pete Le May