trident Moon

Trident moon, finborough theatre, 2016

written by anusree roy
directed by anna pool

designed by anna driftmier

lighting by jai marjoria

sound by fred riding

India, 1947. Six women, three Muslim and three Hindu, hide inside a coal truck as it speeds through the newly-divided Hindustan. Nothing will prevent Alia getting to West Bengal. Her former employers are now her captives and she will have revenge for what they have done, even if she has to harm the child she has spent her life raising.

Violence and hatred threaten to engulf those inside the truck, as thick and terrifying as that which can be heard outside in the streets. But suddenly the truck stops, and the women must find what unites them in order to have any chance of survival...

In 2016, over 9 million people fled their homes due to rising religious violence. In the run up to next year's 70th anniversary of India's partition, Anusree Roy's stunning new play is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the lives of women caught in the crossfire.


"theatre of the highest calibre... this deserves its west end run immediately *****"

the upcoming, 2016

"you owe it to yourselves to see this. now"
A younger theatre, 2016

“anna pool's taut production is as claustrophobic as it is ferocious”
The reviews hub, 2016